Enjoying life – Alan’s story

16 Apr 2024

Alan was referred to the Leeds Stop Smoking service by the hospital, who recommended he use our support to quit smoking for good.

“I decided to get help with quitting smoking for my health”, said Alan. “I was wheezing a lot and smoking was impacting me financially too. I initially tried to quit alone, but with stress and other factors, I relapsed over the last year or so.”

When you choose to quit smoking with us, you will start to notice benefits quickly. Stopping smoking can help to improve our breathing, give us more energy, boost our moods, and save us money.

“I’ve been attending the sessions for four weeks now, and already I feel better in myself, and the wheezing has stopped”, said Alan.

Our Health Coaches are on hand to support throughout participants’ journeys to stop smoking and deliver knowledgeable sessions to develop coping strategies to help sustain their new lifestyles after quitting.

Leeds Stop Smoking offers support on a one-to-one basis, which can be face to face or over the phone. Alternatively, we offer group sessions which can be motivating and rewarding - the support of others who are also quitting smoking with you means that you won’t feel on your own.

To support his quit, Alan has used nicotine patches provided for free by his Health Coach, Taz. Alan recently told us how he has since taken up walking as a hobby, which has helped to clear his lungs since quitting smoking. He now feels more active and positive about his health and future.

“The money I’ve saved by stopping smoking is going towards home improvements, and I look forward to a healthier life and enjoying the summer with a few fishing trips and walks to keep me active.”