Why quit smoking

There are so many great reasons to try quitting. Here are some facts...

Our health and wellbeing will improve the moment that we stop smoking.

Stopping smoking will reduces our risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease or cancer. It can help to improve our breathing, give us more energy, boost mood and save us some money.

When we stop, it also helps to protect the health of those closest to us by reducing exposure to the dangers of second hand smoke.

When you choose to quit smoking with us, you will start to notice some of these benefits pretty quickly.

  • After 20 minutes

    Your pulse rate will already be starting to return to normal.

  • After 2 to 12 weeks

    Your circulation has improved and blood is moving through your heart and muscles much better.

  • After 8 hours

    You’ve lost half of the carbon monoxide in your body and your oxygen levels are recovering.

  • After 3 to 9 months

    Your lung function has increased and any coughs or wheeziness will have improved.

  • After 48 hours

    All the excess carbon monoxide in your body has been flushed out. Your lungs will be clearing out mucus and your taste and smell start improving.

  • After 1 year

    Your risk of heart attack has halved.

  • After 72 hours

    Your bronchial tubes have started to relax so breathing is easier. You will feel like your energy is increasing.

  • After 10 years

    Your risk of death from lung cancer has halved.

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