Quit for good – June’s story

12 Apr 2024

June joined Leeds Stop Smoking as she had previously tried to quit by herself but ended up smoking again due to boredom.

Some people have success going it alone or with light-touch support, but you are up to three times more likely to succeed with specialist support, and our Health Coaches are here to help.

Since attending Leeds Stop Smoking, June has quit smoking completely using the nicotine replacement inhalators provided by Health Coach, Jo. “The Leeds Stop Smoking sessions were really good, and Jo was very knowledgeable and helpful”, said June.

As well as our support sessions, our service includes a course of free e-cigarette and nicotine replacement therapy supplies, carbon monoxide breath tests to track our participants’ progress, and full access to support communities and regular check-ins.

Jo told us: “The service overall was really useful, I do get a sore throat easily from using NRT inhalators, however, Jo was supportive around this and advised to use it less which helped. I have now fully quit smoking and feel so much better for it. Thank you to Jo and the team at Leeds Stop Smoking.”