Staying motivated – Patricia’s story

28 Jun 2024

Patricia joined the Leeds Stop Smoking service for further professional support in making the quit for good. Patricia had made previous attempts to quit, but fell back into the habit when she felt stressed or under pressure.

“My motivation to seek professional support to quit smoking was for better health and to save money,” said Patricia. “I had quit before but started smoking again because of stress.

“When I heard about Leeds Stop Smoking, I called them, and it was easy to join up. I really wanted to stop smoking and the treatment they provided helped me to control my cravings.”

Patricia opted for remote sessions by telephone, although participants also have the option to attend face to face group sessions too.

“Our Health Coach, Ash, was very helpful, and although I caved in during the service, Ash was very understanding, and I quit again with his support which helped me to stay away from cigarettes. I had strong cravings, but I was provided with inhalers and Ash told me how to use the patches and gum to calm this.

“It’s been well over a month now, and I haven’t touched a cigarette and no longer crave them anymore. I’ve reduced the number of gums I use, and I feel fine, and as a bonus, I’ve saved money!”