Confidence in quitting – Helen’s story

21 Nov 2023

Helen was referred to the Leeds Stop Smoking service, following a recent life changing diagnosis, which spurred her onto quitting for good.

Hear in her own words how Helen was supported by her Leeds Stop Smoking Health Coach to make a plan of action which helped her to kick the habit:

“Prior to joining Leeds Stop Smoking, I had tried to quit 12 years ago, and managed to stop for eight years. However, due to illness and a bereavement in the family, I started smoking again four years ago. I partially enjoyed smoking, but I hate the health, finance, and social effects it has.

“Following my diagnosis, I felt confident and ready to contact the Leeds Stop Smoking service, I wanted to quit completely this time!

“I attended one to one sessions at the clinic with my Health Coach, Marie, who made me feel comfortable and was very supportive. Marie was encouraging and chatty, which is half the battle when you are trying to quit.”

After discussing nicotine replacement therapies with Marie, Helen chose to use the Nicorette patches and lozenges, provided by the Leeds Stop Smoking service.

“My challenge was the thought of having just that one cigarette”, said Helen. “I took it one step at a time and thought of the outcome if I did have one, and how I would be back to square one!

“The service has been excellent – I have been smoke-free for eight weeks now and I no longer have patches, just 1.5mg lozenges, only three a day, and I hope to be off these soon too!

“Since joining the service, my CO readings dropped from 21 to 2, and my confidence has improved. I am not out of breath, and I am sleeping much better now. I plan to stay smoke free, and my coach has advised there will be a 12, 26 and 52 week follow up calls to keep me on track.

“I plan to join a gym and remain smoke free for my health. I realised that I couldn’t afford to smoke in the first place, so my reward is being smoke free!”