Curbing the crave – Gina’s story

31 Oct 2023

Gina tells us how the support from her Health Coach helped to curb her cravings and kick the habit for good:

“I was referred to ‘Leeds Stop Smoking’ by my doctor’s surgery. I was really scared, doubting my ability to stop, as I enjoyed smoking, but deep down the older I was getting, I knew I had to do it for my health.

“I attended the one-to-one sessions and met with my Health Coach, Lauren, who gave me sound advice on my next steps. Lauren recommended switching to a vape, which she provided for me. She was so lovely, she understood how scared I was about giving up after so many years and asked me what I thought would work. I knew I wouldn't be able to just quit, and so she explained about vaping, then after time I could wean myself off the vape.

“I tried it and straight away I felt it satisfied my cravings enough to stop smoking cigarettes.

“After a few days of vaping, I went out for a drink, and I mentally struggled, so I had two cigarettes, but I didn't really enjoy them. After that, I felt the vape was better and I haven't bothered smoking a cigarette since.

“I felt so optimistic about this, and mentally prepared for the change. and Lauren was so genuinely happy for me. Lauren was such a help, and I can't thank her enough. Without her support, I wouldn't have even bothered trying to quit.

“I’ve now been smoke free for four weeks and I feel great. I feel healthier, less tired and sluggish, and just overall happier in myself. With what I would normally spend on cigarettes, I will keep saving up for a well-deserved holiday.”