Number of people who smoke in Leeds at over 120,000

8 Sep 2023

Stopping smoking is one of the best things people can do to improve their health. Quitting reduces risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease or cancer. It can help improve people’s breathing, boost their energy and save them money.

Leeds City Council is committed to supporting residents to quit smoking for good. It has set an ambition to reduce smoking by 2,500 people each year through its new Leeds Stop Smoking Service. The service provides free evidence-based behavioural change support to people who wish to stop using tobacco and other nicotine products. After joining, residents are assigned a local expert Health Coach who will support them on their journey to being smoke-free.

As well as offering one-to-one appointments, they also offer group sessions which are delivered in community venues around Leeds. These sessions allow people to go through their quitting journey with the support of others who are experiencing the same challenges.

Councillor Salma Arif, Leeds City Council Executive Member for Adult Social Care, Public Health and Active Lifestyles said:

“People who smoke can be spending around £2,000 a year on tobacco and we are committed to providing support for those who want to improve both their health and their wealth. I would urge people to contact the service for help, even if you have tried to quit before we will keep supporting you.”

Victoria Eaton, Director of Public Health at Leeds City Council said:

“Stopping smoking is possibly the single most effective step a person can take to improve their health and wellbeing, and this is true of quitting at any age. Undoubtedly the earlier a person who smokes stops, the greater the gain. Studies show that people who stop before reaching the age of 34 can revert their life expectancy close to someone who is a non-smoker. Accessing support is proven to increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking up to three times.”

Leeds Stop Smoking Service in the community is delivered by Reed Wellbeing on behalf of Leeds City Council. The community service is one element of the support available across the city, sitting alongside other NHS England funded support available in hospitals and pharmacies.

To sign up, visit or call 0800 169 4219.