Quitting for good – Dan’s story

7 Sep 2023

Dan joined Leeds Stop Smoking service to better his health and quit smoking for good. After previously relapsing after five years of not smoking, Dan found him relying on cigarettes whenever he felt stressed or tired which soon became a habit again.

Dan’s goal was not only to quit smoking, but to improve his health overall, and with out support he managed to reach this.

Dan shared: “I was provided with Nicorette gum and regularly attended my face-to-face appointments which really helped! The support I received, and the regularity of appointments rather than being left alone, helped me to remain focused and motivated.

“The first 10 days were difficult with habit, but it soon became easier by staying motivated, focused and by eating more.

I’ve since joined the gym and improved my fitness by walking more and going to group classes. By not smoking I’ve also saved money too!”